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Property Value Appraisal; An essential step to selling your home.

An evaluation of your real estate is not just a price.

A researched visit of your property coupled with an analysis of the market base is our proven method. This way your property will be priced at a viable selling rate, and so ready to be considered by an interested buyer.

Our evaluations take into account:

  • Price comparison of other properties recently sold on the market
  • Surface area of the real estate
  • The state and condition of the property and particularly if renovation work and upkeep has taken place
  • The surrounding environment

If you wish to have a price value established for your property: A house, a villa, an old stone house, a farmhouse, an apartment, a parcel of land, a commercial property/ commercial premises or business, just fill in the questionnaire below.

I would like to have my property evaluated

Expert Real Estate Appraisal & Evaluation:

SNPI approved (“Premier Syndicat Français de l’immobilier”); A certified expert in real estate appraisal, in compliance to the chart of recognized property evaluation.

We manage the following appraisal categories;

  • Valuation of real estate
  • Valuation for businesses
  • Valuation commercial property in city centres and shopping centres
  • Valuation of eviction compensation

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