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You have a property you wish to sell in “Ile de France” or in the Departments “l’Eure”, and “l’Eure et Loir” and Pays Basque. MELYHOME Real Estate will support you in your research.
We manage residential properties; Houses, villas, old stone houses and farms, loft/ penthouses, apartments, prestigious real estate and land property.

We also handle commercial properties and businesses:

  • Evaluating your property at the right price
  • Creating your own seller portfolio
  • A quality photographic publication with a written announcement on the real estate websites, best adapted to selling your property in France, and internationally.
  • Interactive virtual visits
  • Strategic advice to best present your property with its best assets
  • Quality potential buyers whose applications undergo a verification of their financial capability and feasible buying plan
  • Organised visits for potential buyers who meet the asking criteria
  • A systematic report method to the seller after each visit to stay regularly informed of all actions taken! It’s Contract Binding!
  • In less than 48 hours: written sales agreement with signature for a non-residential property/individual house.
  • 10 days for a signed sales agreement if your property is part of a residential estate, or is a house subscribed to an ASL (“Association de Syndicat Libre”)
  • Putting the buyer in contact with our financial partners to secure an application for a mortgage; whilst offering an attractive interest rate.
  • Comprehensive follow through of the buyer application… Right up until the closing sale act with the authentic property deed in the Notary’s office, with the keys put in hand.

Our work methods and standards ensure ultimate efficiency for our clients!

Transparency is emphasised and considered of ultimate importance throughout the entire selling process to secure a successful conclusion for both parties.

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