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For some time you have been thinking of investing in a real estate property? Excellent idea! If it’s a primary residence you are looking for, a second home… a property to lease or a holiday home; investing in real estate is widely recognised by individuals as much as professionals of a sure value threshold.

In 2018, 58% of households were owners of their own main residence.

How to be sure of your investment?

The first most important step before beginning your research is to know your budget. To know this precisely, melyhome will take into your account your full income (work income as well as your property income) and then look closely at personnel expenses, costs and current bank loans.

If you are already a home owner, we can proceed with an evaluation of your property if you are planning to sell before buying.

We can assist you to accurately assess your financing capacity.

Now that you have your budget set; all you need to decide on is the place and area of where we should commence the search for your new home.

Keep in mind;

  • Your daily necessary trips; to work, your child’s school, weekly activities etc.
  • Your research criteria: Apartment or house, number of rooms, surface area, the size of the living space and also the size of surrounding land or garden you wish to have.
  • Give as much criteria as you wish… the more specific you are, the better we can match your search accurately!!!
  • Do be sure to mention what you are NOT looking for as well; all the better so we can efficiently find your perfect property!

Your real estate agent is available to guide and support you in your endeavour!

Now make yourself comfortable, your search may begin… just check out all the adverts on the website; each one is possibly the right one for you.

Make an appointment, or search for a property

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