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About you:

You are looking for a part-time complementary activity, or for a full-time career? You know the area well where you live and maybe you have grown up there? Being a good listening is among your strong qualities, as is communication and writing in French.

The very word ‘Service’ inspires in you a sound instinct to satisfy your clients.

You are ready to commit yourself and you love to learn and gain enriching experiences.

About Us:

Our online estate agency Melyhome, offers to their clients the best fundamental benefits of an agent; we support and guide our clients throughout all of the steps of selling their home. We are dedicated to our clients for the evaluation of their property, the marketing of their home, and the creation and follow up of their portfolio. This includes the vital drafting of the Sales Agreement.

Using our methods, after an accepted price between the buyer and seller, the sales agreement is concluded in a very short time, due to our E-Signature technology. The case for most other estate agencies is, several weeks of waiting to eventually sign the pre-contractual sales agreement, in a Notary’s office.

With a capacity to be so much more efficient and save time for the buyer, the seller and the estate agent, this ensures an accomplished sale. What an immense satisfaction for all parties!

If you are keen to discover a passionate career on a human scale, don’t wait to apply; we will bring to you the know-how, skills and knowledge that you need.

We are primarily looking for agents in the departments: 27, 28, Paris - Ile de France.


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